Why America Is Everywhere In The World

American interests are represented everywhere in the world, and the American public doesn’t seem convinced that the cost of this sometimes burdensome luxury is worth the price. After going trillions of dollars into debt and losing thousands of servicemembers to win the war on terror only to find itself abandoning Afghanistan and struggling to fightContinue reading “Why America Is Everywhere In The World”

The Border Crisis Is Just The Beginning

The border crisis between Poland and Belarus is part of a broader Russian hybrid war designed to pull Ukraine back under its control and destroy the political unity that underpins NATO

McMaster Misses the Mark

McMaster likely knows something about how the U.S. military develops a warrior ethos in its troops, yet he hijacks Veteran’s Day to lay the blame for the ethos’ decline at the feet of the American public and civilian leaders

Afghanistan Was Not Vietnam 2.0 and It Requires Its Own Lessons

As a citizenry we left the war to the professionals while outsourcing responsibility for oversight to politicians who spent most of their time on the domestic agenda which drives re-election efforts. Between the citizenry, the politicians, and the professionals, Afghanistan was left simmering on the back burner, and we lost the plot on what we were there to do and why.

Do We Stay or Do We Go?

America’s Role in Kabul After the Withdrawal By Scott Kelly America has shut down and handed over Bagram Airfield, its largest base in Afghanistan and the nerve center for its campaign there for the past 20 years. As it effectively ends its active participation in Afghanistan’s ongoing wars, it plans on leaving behind 650 troopsContinue reading “Do We Stay or Do We Go?”

China, Taiwan, and the Conflict That Could Reshape the World

By James Mackin and Scott Kelly An emboldened China, still flush from successfully suppressing democracy in Hong Kong, perpetrating genocide in Xinjiang, seizing territory in the South China Sea and colonizing parts of neighboring Bhutan is now looking expectantly at “reunification” with Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party has viewed Taiwan as rightfully theirs since theyContinue reading “China, Taiwan, and the Conflict That Could Reshape the World”