Bipartisan Support For Paying Soldiers, Just Not Ours

When a plurality of our politicians are so concerned with the possibility they may not be able to pay for someone else’s military that they are willing to entertain the notion that it might be worth it to risk not being able to pay our own, something is deeply broken in the heart of our politics. 

We Need Domestic 5G to Beat China

5G is the next realm of competition with China, and we will need to master it to succeed against them

Putin’s Folly

Putin’s invasion threatens China’s rise to power, and will impact their alliance and any reunification attempt with Taiwan

Putin’s Rebellion

Putin is launching a rebellion against the modern world order. Win or loose, Ukraine’s people will pay the price and the world will change forever

The Border Crisis Is Just The Beginning

The border crisis between Poland and Belarus is part of a broader Russian hybrid war designed to pull Ukraine back under its control and destroy the political unity that underpins NATO