Bipartisan Support For Paying Soldiers, Just Not Ours

When a plurality of our politicians are so concerned with the possibility they may not be able to pay for someone else’s military that they are willing to entertain the notion that it might be worth it to risk not being able to pay our own, something is deeply broken in the heart of our politics. 

The Dollar Dethroned

Time to stock up on bitcoin, bourbon and bullets as the U.S. dollar falls under attack and will soon be worthless. At least, according to some of the latest headlines. The BRICS nations are declaring their intention to  break away and form their own currency club, creating a competitor to the dollar that will further accelerate the decline of American power abroad and put us on increasingly unstable financial footing

We Need Domestic 5G to Beat China

5G is the next realm of competition with China, and we will need to master it to succeed against them

Why America Is Everywhere In The World

American interests are represented everywhere in the world, and the American public doesn’t seem convinced that the cost of this sometimes burdensome luxury is worth the price. After going trillions of dollars into debt and losing thousands of servicemembers to win the war on terror only to find itself abandoning Afghanistan and struggling to fightContinue reading “Why America Is Everywhere In The World”

But I Thought We Were Friends? What Changing U.S. – China Relations Will Mean for the World

China has changed tact and begun to declare that it is the equal of the United States in the world order. Not in terms of economic size or military might, though it plans on getting there by 2049, but in terms of what constitutes a “legitimate” form of government, domestically and abroad. China believes itsContinue reading “But I Thought We Were Friends? What Changing U.S. – China Relations Will Mean for the World”